Super Mario Bros Legos Sets – Best Birthday Ever!

These toys don’t disappoint!

Its Legos… and Super Mario… You can’t go wrong.

My son loves Super Mario Bros. Long before he was old enough, he’d been asking for the Lego sets. Unfortunately, the pieces were just too small, and I couldn’t trust him enough to play with them.

Last week he turned four. I’d been telling him for months that I’d get him the Lego sets for his birthday and now the time has come, and I couldn’t disappoint. This is how our Super Mario Lego obsession started.

The Super Mario Starter Set

This set comes with the Mario figure that you need for all the other sets. Without it, the other sets are rendered useless. For anyone looking to start down the path of Mario Legos, this set is a must-have. And don’t forget the batteries.

Once set up, you see how small it is, and hence, need to get another one. In the span of a week, we had about six different sets complete and connected all of them to make what we call a fortress and we of course had to get the different Mario suits so he can change out. My son wasn’t letting me slide past that one. So, we purchased 4 different suits that all have their own set of skills once Mario puts them on.

There is a multitude of sets that can connect, and I think my son intends to have me buy them all.

The Pros:

These sets are so much fun to set up and play with. There’s no limitation to what you can do with them. Together they can create a whole Mario world and your kids will have a blast. Here’s the start to our Super Mario World.

The Cons:

They are a bit pricey for a kid’s toy if you ask me. There are some cheaper sets, but the more fun sets can run you upwards of a hundred dollars and we haven’t gotten any of those. It’s a lot to spend on a kid’s toy.

But for now, I’m going to share with you all the expansion sets we got to complete our levels and the Mario suits and then share some exciting news about the Mario Bros. Legos.

Super Mario Bros. Lego Sets

As I mentioned before, the first set we got was the Super Mario Starter set which you see above. This is an absolute must because without it you have no Mario. And on to the next one.

Super Mario Mario’s House & Yoshi Expansion Set


This set includes the Yoshi character. Awesome, I know. Who doesn’t love Yoshi?

It’s cool because it comes with a hammock for Mario to sleep on, and yes, he does sleep when he lays down, I’m talking snoring and all. He even tells you he’s tired before he drifts off to sleep. It also comes with his house which has a star in the roof which gives Mario super speed, a cute little mailbox, tree, Goober, and a fence. Home sweet home.

Super Mario Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set

This one is a little bit pricey for an expansion set, running at 56$ but it does come with a lot of pieces, two Toad characters, Goobers, three Toad hideaways, not to mention a whole bunch of other cool stuff like a huge tree, treasure chest, and moving bridge for Mario to cross. It’s a lot of fun and adds so much to your levels.

Super Mario Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set

Because what’s Super Mario without some villains? This set isn’t too big, and it only ran me about 16$ which isn’t bad. It adds a bit of character to the Mario levels and is fun all around. Plus, I love the big whomp guy.

Super Mario Desert Pokey Expansion Set

This also isn’t a huge set and again ran another 16$. It comes with the cute spikey Pokey character, which looks awesome. It also comes with a mallet swinger which Mario stands on to knock down each level of the pokey until he reaches the scanner to collect his coins. And yes, each piece in these expansion sets comes with scanners that the Mario character can read from his bottom. This is where he collects coins, gets energy boosts and where he can tell which character suit he’s in.

Now, what’s a little fun without some haunted scariness added in?

Super Mario King Boo and The Haunted Yard Expansion Set

I love all things haunted so there was no way I could walk away without adding this set into the mix. This one ran be about 50$ at Target which is pricey for a kid’s toy but to be honest I think I got this more for myself than my son. We play with it together so that’s okay.

Once we got all our Mario Lego Sets together, we had to add some suits in. Go big as they say, so here are the suits we added in our fortress.

Super Mario Power-Up Packs

Mario Cat Mario Power-Up Pack

Mario Tanooki Mario Power-Up Pack

Mario Fire Mario Power-Up Pack

Mario Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack





These suits are all awesome and react to Super Mario in their own way, once he’s in the suit the reader reacts, and you get to see his power-up. He even makes an airplane sound when he’s in the propeller suit. My son loves this and will just fly around the house with Propeller Mario in his hand.

Now hold the phone.

We were so excited to get going with these Super Mario Lego Sets and everything that comes with them that we forgot one key thing…

Or person I should say.

Yes, you got it! Where’s Luigi?

I went on the hunt to find out that LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course is being released on August first. Yes, just weeks away, and pre-orders are already sold out at Target, so of course, I had to pre-order it on Amazon. We couldn’t wait to only find out there are none left. And this set ran me 60$. Yes, I know, pricey. That’s the only con to these toys, but once I start something I can’t just stop so Luigi it is.

Pre-order your Luigi Starter Course Here!

These Lego starters and expansion sets are so great if you have a kid, or you’re just a kid at heart. I love to play with toys, so does my son, so we are a perfect match. Haha. But if you are anything like me, you’ll be all over these Legos.

I hope you guys got some useful information from this post and are revving to go get those sets. All sets can be purchased on Amazon or Target, which is where I got mines.

If you’re looking to get yours on Amazon, click below to be directed to their site.

If you’re as excited as I was, let me know below, feel free to leave me a comment, let me know what you think.

And as always, thanks so much for reading my latest post!


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