Safe Hand Sanitizer For Kids (Practical And Colorful)

As we near the end of our rope with Covid 19 (well let’s hope it’s the end) kids are finally returning to school. But as we know, with kids, keeping their hands clean is the last thing on their little minds. So how about a way to help them remember?

As I was on the hunt for hand sanitizer for my son (who is by the way, sick right now with a cold thanks to a trip to the Science Museum) I came across the most adorable thing. Colorful hand sanitizer. I decided to put this to the test.


Who says cleaning your hands can’t be fun?

Crayola, yes, the brand famous for the best crayons in the world has come up with an ingenious idea. Colorful hand sanitizer that kids will love.

I’m all about getting my son to keep his hands clean, between frequent bathroom breaks and playing all over the floors, he’s sure to accumulate come germs. I wanted to find a way to keep him interested in keeping his hands’ clean while also making this a fun thing for him to do. (He’s 3 if you’re wondering) So here was a quick and viable solution.

Like fingerpaints, he gets to squirt slimy colorful stuff on his hands and rub it around, verdict: He loved it! Don’t worry, it’s not really paint and won’t stain your furniture or walls. The color diminishes and you’re left with germ-free clean, tiny fingers.

I found some cool, adorable, and fun hand sanitizers for home and travel that your kid is sure to remember to use.

Having safe hand sanitizer for kids that is practical and fun will help them keep the germs out and the excitement in.

Check out the Crayola hand sanitizer, and then, some cool, fun, travel-size carriers that will keep your kids staying clean at school, the park, the store, wherever they need to go.

Crayola 16.9 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gel, 5 Colors Pack – 34.99

COLORFUL KIDS HAND SANITIZER BY CRAYOLA | Antibacterial Gel Sanitizer Works to Keep Your Child’s Hands Safe & Clean | High-Capacity Bottle Keeps Everyone in Your Home, Playroom, or Classroom Clean and Better Protected! | Use Anywhere Without Water – Just Apply, Rub & Go!

GEL HAND SANITIZER REDUCES BACTERIA ON SKIN | Powerful Gel Sanitizer Formula with 75% Ethyl Alcohol [Ethanol] Helps Keep Your Child’s Hands Clean | Hand Sanitizers Meet & Exceed CDC Recommendations for Preventing the Spread of Germs and Disease, Giving Parents, Educators, and Children Complete Peace of Mind

ANTIBACTERIAL GEL IS TOUGH ON GERMS, SOFT ON SKIN | This Gel Hand Sanitizer is Made to be Lightweight and Gentle on Skin, Preventing Skin from Becoming Damaged, Dried Out, or Irritated After Repeated Use | Use in Any Situation To Leave Hands Feeling Clean, Soft & Refreshed

COLORFUL HAND SANITIZER PUMP BOTTLES | Boys and Girls of All Ages Will Love Selecting Their Favorite Sanitizer from This Colorful Five Pack | Get Fast, Effective Hand Sanitizer For Kids In Bottles Styled Like Their Favorite Crayola Crayons | Keep Your Kids Safe by Stocking Up Your Home or Classroom with these Comfortable and Powerful Gel Hand Sanitizers

Keep the fun going with these travel-sized bottles.

Avengers Travel Containers

Priced at 14.99 on Amazon.

12 pack of assorted Avenger cartoon characters that children will love, encouraging them to always keep the hand sanitizer with them, hopefully ensuring your children squirt the alcohol gel on a regular basis!

Lightweight, easy to carry travel cosmetics, daily necessities small package, perfect for different toiletry products such shampoo, hand sanitizer, and other liquid toiletries.

Comes with an empty 30ml bottle, for refilling with hand sanitizer or liquid soap. Convenient easy to use flip-top cap, which is leakproof, easily squeezed by young hands.

Perfectly portable on-the-go companions, made with ultra-durable silicone to last a while.

Use it at your office, home, in your car, school, or anywhere else you need to quickly clean your hands.


Adorable Cartoon Designed Containers

Priced at 15.99 on Amazon.

These empty travel bottles are equipped with silicone cases in 12 different styles. Cute cartoon design, make your children love to use them wash their hands to keep clean.

High-quality Material: The silicone bottle cover has good elasticity and compression resistance, durable, wear-resistant, and waterproof. The mini bottles are made of upgraded high-quality plastic, leak-proof, and easy to irrigate and use.

Portable: Our silicone case of this reusable empty bottle is designed with a loop for quick attachment, allowing you to attach these bottles to your keys, bags, purses, thus you can always keep the bottles within your reach, and use them whenever and wherever you need.

Travel Size Bottles: The capacity of our empty bottle is 30ml/1oz. You can fill the empty bottle with a sanitizer, liquid soap, and other hand-clean lotions, easy to carry and convenient to use, ideal for school, office, traveling, and outdoor activities.

Perfect for Kids: This cute silicone hand cleaner holder is necessary for children to return to school. And help your child wash their hands at school and elsewhere by using his/her favorite design with our colorful jelly wrap silicone carriers.

Crayola not your thing? 

Don’t worry, I have something else you may like.

When I first started using hand sanitizer on my son, I didn’t want to use anything that would be too harsh for his skin. As I was roaming the stores, I came across hand sanitizer make exclusively for kids by the famous brand, Babyganics. I fell in love and immediately stocked up on it.

This sanitizer gets germs off and leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized. Check it out here!

Babyganics Kids Foaming Pump Hand Sanitizer

It’s 14.97 on Amazon & comes in a pack of 3.

Alcohol-free, moisturizing formula foams instantly & keeps hands clean without drying.

Kills 99.9% of common bacteria in as little as 15 seconds.

Non-allergenic, dermatologist tested for sensitive skin.

Made without parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, or dyes.

A scent so creamy & delicious they’ll want to sanitize twice.


Let’s keep our kid’s hands clean and stop the spread of germs and Covid 19! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found this information helpful. I would love to hear from you. Do you have a favorite hand sanitizer for your kid or yourself? Leave me a comment below.

Thanks for reading my latest post.

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