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I recently wrote a post on the importance of reading to toddlers. But how can you encourage a small person to take the time to look at books on their own? It’s easy for us to ask our little ones to sit still as we read them a story but we want that to manifest into something more. We want to encourage a love of reading in them, and I have the perfect tip to do so, creating a reading corner for kids.

Kids are naturally drawn to bright colors and things that look fun so why not use this information to create something that could very well be their favorite place in the house and will leave them wanting to embrace this space and use it for reading, even in the summer.

Creating A Reading Corner

A reading corner for your child doesn’t have to be expensive or large, it can simply be a corner in your living room or family room that is just for your young one. You’ll want to make this space inviting for your little one with colorful pictures and somewhere to store their books.

Because this space is for your kid (or kids), you’ll want to think like a child when creating it. For me, this was drawing kid’s pictures, the alphabet, and finding little trinkets I could put on the wall to make it fun. Be however creative you want to be.

Wall Space

Your artwork doesn’t have to be bought at a store, use this as a way to do something fun with your kid. Get nontoxic kids’ paint, or washable markers, and a nice size paper or even a poster board and make a nice picture together. Because my little one is so small when I created his reading corner, I did this artwork myself.

If you’re not the creative type or don’t know how to draw a simple trick is to use a coloring book. Color the pictures nicely and to make them last you can take them to your local staples to have them laminated. Believe me, this is much cheaper than shelling out a bunch of money for artwork.

Putting a word on the wall also makes it fun for the kids. I chose to put READ and I got the letters from Michael’s. They only had white so I painted them navy blue and got some gold star stickers for 2$ and put it on them making it look like a night sky. The sun, moon, and stars are simple pictures drawn and colored on white paper then laminated to make them last.

Be Frugal, Reuse Materials

When I had Jayden’s first birthday party, I had his name spelled out on his candy table using a Dr. Seuss theme, and because I saved the letters I was able to use them here which is perfect for a reading corner.

Because I wanted to be frugal but use up space I went through the house to see what else I could use for this project. The large tree picture with the owl is actually an old cardboard box I had laying around so I opened it up and painted the picture on it. The gold frame around it is just gold duct tape to make it look pretty.

Floor Space

The pillows on the floor I already had but if you are looking for cheap pillows and covers, these come from IKEA. The pillow inserts are 6$ and the covers are 4$. The floor mats and pad I already had from Jayden’s playroom so I moved things around to make this happen.

Another alternative is purchasing a floor seat cushion to sit on and these could last for a while.

If you don’t want to spend money, consider using teddy bears instead. Which is what I did originally before changing my mind, but either work.

This could be the case for you also. Take a look around the house and see what pillows or kids’ stuff you can reuse for your kids’ reading corner and this project will be easier than you think. It took me a total of two days.

Choosing The Perfect Books

I’ve always loved reading children’s books and hope to write a few myself one day, so naturally, I have a lot of kids’ books in my house. If you don’t have any, don’t fret. There are ways to get books. Checking out your local thrift stores is one. People always donate books when their kids outgrow them, and here is the perfect way to find books for very little money.

Stay away from big box stores like Target and Walmart because they will almost always charge cover-price for books and they are pretty pricey. I even find looking on Amazon is great too. I’m usually able to score great books in new condition for half the cover price. Sometimes you can get used books for as little as 3$ because people use Amazon as a selling outlet as well. Just like Poshmark and Macari.

But don’t feel like you have to buy all your books at once. You can take time to build your kid’s library, which is why I think the Amazon Book Box is great. It’s a work in progress. I still have books from when my oldest son was in grade school, now passed down to my littlest one, and he’s 19.

Let Them Enjoy Their Space

I honestly believe that creating a space for your little one to read sets the tone for helping them to see just how important this is for them. Using an array of colors and things that invite them could bring your kids to want to enjoy this space and use it daily.

If you want to get them started on this journey, once you finish your reading corner, use it as a space to sit with them and read a story or two and before you know it they will be reading all on their own.

It also encourages imaginative thinking and creativity.

Check out my post on the Importance of Reading to Toddlers!

Do you have a reading corner in your house? I would love to hear about your experience with creating one and how your child likes it. I’m sure other moms would love to hear about it also. Please feel free to leave a comment below.


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