My Baby Has A Fever (Tackle It With These Simple Tricks)

Your baby has a fever, this is the first time, and you’re panicking. Don’t. I can help you. Here I tackle, diagnoses, treatments, and getting through to the end.

When I was pregnant it never crossed my mind that I would be faced with coaxing my baby through a cold. I wasn’t prepared and I would hate for that to happen to you. The comforting thing to know is that the first time is the hardest and once it’s over you are fully prepared to conquer any cold your baby will suffer from in the future.

The Cold.

A couple of years ago I woke up to my baby having a fever of 102.5. Up until this point he had never been sick. He was thirteen months old. You would think I would know what to do because I’ve been around people with kids, but instead I was in panic mode. I didn’t have a car so I had to call an Uber in the middle of the night. I bundled Jayden up and took him to the closest emergency room. To my surprise, it was snowing outside. Could this night get any worse?

I was glad to find out he only had a little virus and simple little remedies and time could help him get better, but I hated to see him uncomfortable. And thanks to the trip to the emergency room, I ended up sick also, so I had to take care of myself and my little one. My advice, especially in the middle of winter, wear a mask! Keep some handy in the house. Well, with Covid right now, everyone has them, but even after Coronavirus, hold on to those masks.

The Fever.

Always make sure to have a thermometer in the house for your baby and there are a few that you can choose from depending on how you want to monitor your baby’s temperature. I’m old fashion so I choose to go for the thermometer in the bum. I find it to be the most accurate reading. You could also choose to check by putting the thermometer under the arm and holding the arm down until you hear a beep. Both are effective. And I love that my thermometer comes with a separate piece for different body parts. I find it more sterile this way.

To make things easier for your baby you could also choose to go with a pacifier thermometer. This is the easiest method for taking your baby’s temp, they choose to fight you less on it. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of it, for me, it took too long for the temperature to come to the end.

The next one you could try is the forehead thermometer. It’s also easy with a swipe right across the forehead and you get your reading. This one is also great, but as I said before, I’m old fashion, and they’re pretty pricey. With my son now being three I decided to purchase one. Three’s a little old for the bum thermometer.

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The Meds.

The doctor’s office prescribed him Children’s Motrin. When you go to the drug store you never know that you can purchase this for a baby that’s seven months because the box says ages 2+. When you buy the Motrin it comes with a small dispensing cup. Surely you can’t get a seven-month-old baby to drink from a small cup, It would be all over his face. So I made sure to buy a dispensing syringe that would come in handy over the remainder of the winter.

This syringe made giving Jayden the fever medicine so much easier, and unlike the rest of the cold, the fever usually only lasts a couple of days.  I also found this nifty medicine cup with a nipple on it. This was even easier than the syringe.

One thing I didn’t know is that a baby cold could last anywhere up to two weeks. Their little immune systems take longer to fight away the virus. At one point I started getting worried that he wouldn’t get better. So if you are wondering the same thing, it’s normal for your baby to have a cold for two weeks.

Putting medicine in a syringe can sometimes be tricky but what I learned from my Pharmacy technician days is pouring the medicine in the medicine cup and sucking it up with the syringe. A little tap will release any bubbles to the top and you can push them out to make sure you have the correct amount of medicine in the syringe. It sounds harder than it is.

Comforting Your Baby.

Comforting your little one can be hard when they are feeling horrible, luckily there’s something to aid in that. What I found helpful for Jayden was the Wild Baby Purple Bear that smells like lavender. Yes, I love my lavender. But what I love about this teddy is you can put it in the freezer and lay it next to your baby to help cool him down, and the lavender is soothing in itself so this helps whether you do that or not. You can also put it in the microwave if you want something warm and snuggly. And it really works.

The Stuffy Nose.

There are two things I found that could aid in Jayden’s stuffy nose, and of course, this consisted of me taking him back out in an Uber because I had no clue I would need more products. Now I keep everything handy in the house, and If I knew better, I would have stocked up before the winter started.

The stuffy nose is one of the worst parts of the cold. There were some nights I would sit up and watch him sleep because I was afraid he wasn’t getting enough air. So I thought, maybe if I put some Vicks on his shirt it could help to clear up his sinuses. WRONG! Never use Vicks on a baby unless it’s labeled for the baby. Luckily I researched first and found a better solution.

Maty’s Vapor Rub.

If you haven’t yet, read my post “How To Soothe A Baby’s Cough – 3 Simple Tricks To Comfort Your Baby” Everything you need to know about Maty’s Lavender Rub is in there.

The vapor rub has sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower wax, and essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and pine and worked wonders for him. Even I used it on myself because I am so close to him I opted not to use Vicks on myself either. This rub is the real deal. Even for an adult, it did great to clear up my sinuses, so I recommend this even if you’re not a baby, and for children of all ages. It’s just a really good product. So I make sure to have it in the house all the time. Even for those stuffy summer nights.

But that wasn’t enough to aid in his breathing. I had to clear out his nose, and when the mucus becomes hard and dry that’s not the easiest thing to do. I found a nasal spray that I love for Jayden. Little Remedies Saline Spray and Drops. I can use it as a nasal spray or a nasal drip and it usually loosens things up within a minute or so.

The nasal spray partnered with an aspirator should work well to get all the gook out. Seriously. And cleanup is a breeze with Boogie Wipes. I love these things. I always had a problem wiping Jayden’s nose but when I found Boogie Wipes scented in grape he loved it. The smell of the wipes is like candy so he welcomed me wiping his runny nose, which he hated when I tried doing it with baby wipes.

The cough.

I hated hearing my baby cough and knowing there was nothing I could do so I went to research again to find something I could give him to help with all the coughing and flem sitting in his chest. I chose to go with lemon and honey. Another natural remedy I mention in my post, “How To Soothe A Baby’s Cough – 3 Simple Tricks To Comfort Your Baby

The honey mixture was easy to get him to take because it tastes sweet. Simply put it in the syringe and place the syringe in the side of the mouth close to the cheek and push slowly, this gives him a chance to swallow naturally without a mouth full of medicine.

When it ends.

After the fever passes, the stuffy nose clears up and the cough subsides you will feel much better knowing you tackled your baby’s first cold and his immune system is better because of it. Now you are well prepared if the cold ever rears its ugly head again and chances are it will. But rest assured, you know what to do and the panic phase is over. Just remember to keep your medicine cabinet stocked and next time you will be well prepared.

I love to see my baby’s cold come to an end and to have him up and happy again. It makes my heart smile. If you’ve had any experiences with your baby’s cold and would like to share, or if you have a question or two, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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Thanks for reading my latest post.

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