Cute Easter Pictures – A Simple & Fun DIY

It’s that time of year and just about every parent with a child under five wants to get professional pictures. With Covid still looming over us and having to wear masks, that wouldn’t be a very exciting picture at all. Who wants to remember this time, when life was so unordinary and everything seemed like an impossible task? NO ONE!

Our kids only live this age once and we want to make sure to capture every special moment and Easter is one of those moments we don’t want to pass on.

Don’t Fuss

What if I told you you don’t need a professional to take your child’s photos and you could do it yourself, right in the comfort of your home?

I’ve been taking my son’s photos since he was born and never felt the need to take professional ones. I love being able to spend this time with my son, it’s a bonding moment and it’s fun!

When my son was born I knew I wanted to be one of those moms who would take his picture every month highlighting each one as a milestone in his life and I wanted these pictures to be something I could be proud of. If you are a mom or dad I’m sure this is the same for you.

You want your baby’s pictures to be something you can look back on for years to come and be proud of how much your little one has grown and how nice his pictures came out. But why spend countless dollars over and over again?

Iphones Work Great

If you have an iPhone then you know just how photography savvy these phones can be. You can take professional pictures from your phone and then set up is as easy as 1-2-3.

If you are like me and behind in the times then this could be the perfect time for you to purchase a photography camera, one that you will use time and time again and in the end, will still be cheaper than that amount of money you will spend on going to the portrait studio for years to come.

I knew beforehand I wanted to take hundreds probably thousands of pictures throughout his life, so I made the conscious decision to invest in a good camera that will last me longer than any phone ever could and that would serve its purpose and save me money in the long run.

My Camera Choice

There are plenty of cameras on the market but the one I decided on is the Canon Rebel T6. This camera is awesome, easy to use (even for a beginner like me) and the number of uses outweighs the cost by a mile. This camera is the same one I use to take the pictures of my son you see pictured on my website. So, as you can see, it has its fair share of use.

As I said before, if you have an iPhone then I know those phones are excellent at taking pictures but if you don’t then this camera may be the one for you.

But on to the reason for this post…

Easter is upon us once again and I am still trying to decide what I will do for my little guy’s photoshoot this year. Last year I did a simple backdrop with a few props and a cute button-up onesie from Oshkosh and the pictures came out great.

I loved spending that time with my son, making him laugh and playing with him, singing and talking to him while I took his pictures.

You could be a creative person like myself and just love to indulge in moments like this one when you can let your creative juices flow. I know I revel in them and look for any time in my son’s life when I can do a photo shoot. If you are looking for a quick and simple trick, this is it. I went to the party store and bought a 3$ plastic table cloth and taped it to the wall, placed a white comforter on the floor and got some plastic eggs from the dollar store, and went to work. It wasn’t bad at all.

I bought an Easter basket which I intended to use for Easter anyway and some bunny ears, oh, and a Peter Rabbit plush from CVS. These were part of my son’s Easter basket so I wasn’t going out of my way to get things I wouldn’t have gotten anyway. This ended as a win-win for me.

Create A Budget

I love taking pictures of my son. For Easter, there are plenty of ideas you can come up with, you can find little props around the house and even pick up a few Easter decorations at the dollar store. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The purpose is to save you money in the long run so try to stay within say a 20$ budget.

Believe me, this is doable. For Halloween, I was able to buy a cute one-piece and all the decorations I needed for under 20$ and his pictures came out awesome! You can use things like comforters for your platform piece or if you have hardwood floors this works as well.

You can be as creative as you want and you will see, it’s worth it in the end and you get wonderful pictures year-round and save money from going to the portrait studio. Below are just a few of the photoshoots I have done with my son and as you can see, the camera for me was money well spent!


If you are interested in something like this, another great money saver is Shutterfly. If you download their app on your phone you get unlimited 4×6 prints of your pictures for FREE!

You only have to pay for the shipping and the pictures come out great. They even send deals for free photobooks and 8×10 prints periodically. The app is free and you can print whenever you want!

I hope you enjoyed my latest post and can get some use out of it. After all, every penny we can save as parents goes a long way with our children.

Do you take your own photos of your kids? I would love to hear more about your process and how you like it. I’m sure other moms would find this information useful also. Just comment below. 

Thanks for reading my latest post.

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