Best Baby Teethers (Check Out My Top Six Choices)

Teething is a hard time for your baby. Not only are they growing at an incredible rate, but now they have pain and soreness in their mouths and they can’t figure out what’s going on. Soon enough their little gums will sprout their first teeth, but before that happens we have to try our best to keep them comfortable and safe at the same time.

Choosing The Best Teethers

I love looking through the vast selection of teethers that are available on the market today. But when choosing a teething toy, you want to make sure it is safe for your baby. So how do you do it all keeping baby and teether in mind?

Well, let me help you. Here you will find a list of six of my favorite teethers with a short review that is BPA-free and absolutely safe for your baby. They are not listed from best worse, they are simply just my favorites and hopefully, they will be yours too.

For my baby, I always like to keep more than one teether on hand. This way I know my baby stays happy. He gets to choose from the selection and when he gets bored he can choose another one.

Another reason to have more than one, I get time to clean the ones he’s already used without leaving him with another in the process.

I have highlighted some information on these 6 teethers but if you are interested in more info, click the name of the product and this will redirect you to Amazon where you can get all the juice details and even purchase if you’d like.

My Top 6 Teether Reviews

#1 – Baby Elefun Cookie Teether and Pacifier Clip

This teether is made of 100% Food Grade Teething Silicone, it’s BPA Free, Lead-Free, and Phthalates Free and it’s CPSIA Certified Child Safe.

But what I love about this teether is it’s easy for your baby to hold, it’s the perfect size for their little hands and mouth and the different textures help ease teething pain.

Don’t be worried, this teether is certified by CPSC for 0+ age, there are knots in between the beads, no parts to break off. Zero choking hazards.

It’s easy to clean with soap and water and it’s dishwasher safe.

It has 261 reviews on Amazon and a 5 Star Rating among those.

#2 – Little bamBAM Giraffe Teether Toys by Bambeado

Now, this BPA Free teether is the way to go, and that’s an understatement. This teether has won awards because of its awesome baby teething superpowers.

It was the winner of the Tillywig Awards for Parents’ Favorite Products.

2018 Winner of Parents Picks Awards

Creative Child Awards 2017 Seal of Excellence by Creative Child Magazine

2017 Preferred Choice Award by Baby Maternity Magazine.

It has 586 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 Star Rating among those.

Little bamBAM has the perfect texture for a baby’s gums. There are no cracks for bacteria to grow in and its many details make for perfect stimulation for the baby’s hands and gums. And you can pop it in the freezer for more relief.

This is the perfect teether to introduce to your baby at 3 months of age.

#3 – Bonbino Teether Rings

Bonbino scored a win with this simple but practical teething ring made of 100% silicone.

The premium ridged design allows your baby to bite at the sensory ring to soothe their aching gums. The rings are Non-toxic, Phthalate & BPA-Free which give you total peace of mind that they are super safe for your baby to play with.

Once your baby starts grasping hold of things, that’s the perfect time to introduce this teether to them.

With a 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon and 758 customer reviews, you are sure to score a great teething ring for your baby.

Not to mention, the raised ridges enable your baby to develop the essential touch and feel senses that are vital for baby spatial development.

The teething rings are easy to clean with soap and water and are top-rack dishwasher safe.


#4 – Suri The Octopus & Friends Baby Teethers

Made by Mayapple Baby, these nautical-themed teethers are great. I love that you get three teethers in the pack and the variety of texture and size makes using these teethers easy and fun for your baby.

These teethers took home the Creative Child Awards 2016 Top Toy of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine and the 2016 Top Choice Award by Baby Maternity Magazine.

They can twist and bend, and your baby can bite and play for hours of fun.

Made with German medical-grade silicone; they are safe, clean, non-toxic; free of heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines, and plastics.

With one-piece construction and no moving parts, it’s easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe.

Holding a 4.6 Star rating on Amazon with 228 customer reviews, this seasoned teething set could be your baby’s next best friend.

#5 – DC Comics Silicone Teethers

This one is for your superhero, comic book connoisseurs. Don’t fret, they come in a variety of characters like Superman, Batman, Zelda, Super Mario, The Flash, and more. And yes, they are safe for your baby.

Made by Bumkins, these teethers are safe to use and are BPA-free, PVC-free, cadmium-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free.

The silicone has a natural resistance to bacteria, making it safe and hygienic. It can be safely boiled to sterilize, hand washed with soap and water, and is top-rack dishwasher safe.

I love Superman so when I came across these teethers I was sure to grab one for my son and he took to it like a fish to water. It’s easy to hold, and with the vibrant colors, he loved playing with it and biting on it at the same time. This brings me to my next point.

With multiple textures, color, shape, and easy to grasp design, this helps the baby in the development of sensory and motor skills. Awesome, right?

There are a lot of superhero fans out there, so it was no surprise that these teethers rated 4.8 stars with over 600 customer reviews.

If you are a superhero or comic book connoisseur then it’s time to introduce your baby to the legacy.

#6 – Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

This Comotomo teether is amazing. Its simple design and bright color make it a super win. It’s made of soft hygienic silicone, and the size is perfect for your growing baby.

The one-piece design is made to imitate your baby’s fingers making this simple, yet practical teether a win with just about every baby that has one. Including my own.

It has a non-choking design that’s safe for babies six months and up.

The best part is, this teether is BPA-, PVC-, and Phthalate-free.

Its easy-to-clean design is safe in microwaves, boiling water, dishwashers, and sterilizers.

I’m not the only one who has taken a liking to this teether and the 1600+ reviews on Amazon say so. With a 4.7 Star rating, this teether has to be on your baby buy list because it’s a must-have.

What Do You Think??

I hope you enjoyed checking out my selection of safe and fun teethers for your baby and with any luck you’ve found something on this list that piqued your interest. My baby boy was not picky when it came to teethers so I had the luxury of purchasing them more for toys and fun than anything.

Have you tried any of the teethers listed here? Or, is there a teether that you recommend? Please leave a comment below. I’m very interested to know and I’m sure other moms would love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for reading my latest post.

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