Baby Shark Sing Along Book, Will Your Baby Love It?

Remember the YouTube sensation Baby Shark? Well, I do. This song has been played and played over and over again and any parent will agree that it becomes a favorite of their child as they watch and singalong with the family of sharks. Well now, feast your eyes on this, the Pinkfong Baby Shark Sing Along Book. Now you can get the iconic sing-along book for your little one.

My son loves these books. He presses the buttons with his tiny fingers and sings along and he can do this for hours on end, switching from one book to the other. More than that, not only does this help his fine motor skills, it aids in the growth of his imagination. Looking at the pictures in the book as he listens to the songs is helping his brain build so much more. This is more than just another toy. It’s a valuable learning device for his age.

They Started On YouTube

Kids everywhere went crazy when the sensational Baby Shark Dance song hit YouTube, and now the Baby Shark Dance Song has 7.5 Billion views and is the most-watched video on YouTube. Even my son loves to watch this video and sing and dance along.

Baby Shark Song Sound Book

What’s better than keeping the attention of your little one with the kids’ Baby Shark Song Sound Book? It will have your baby pressing button after button to hear the songs play right at their fingertips. I love this because moms want to introduce their kids to books and this is a great way to get your baby interested in this book. The songs serve as a valuable feature but it’s only the beginning of teaching your baby about coordination and imagination and they will love it.

But that’s not it. Pinkfong has made a bunch of Baby Shark books your little one will love. What small child wouldn’t want these books gracing their bedroom floors? The official Baby Shark books have become a win with parents all over and are hitting four to five stars on just about every product on Amazon. If your little one has been hit with the baby shark bug then it’s for sure that they will love the books that have been created after this lovable shark family.

More Books From Pinkfong

Recommended Age – 36 months – 6 years

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  • Filled with colorful illustrations, our sound book has press-and-play buttons that play ten singalong songs that kids love.
  • Each book is tailor-made for small baby hands and features a sidebar with a child-friendly grip.
  • A specially designed built-in speaker that provides 150% fuller, richer sound that does not damage a child’s hearing
  • Ten magical songs that kids just fall in love with.
  • Two AAA batteries are included in our sound books, securely placed under the cover.

Now that you know a little more about these sing-along books you should definitely consider these for your toddler. You won’t go wrong with these and your kid will thank you for them.

Do you have any Baby Shark books or toys at home?

If you would like to share your experience or have questions please feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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