Baby Fruit Feeder -Triple Threat, Feeder, Teether & Rattle

Here we are. You’ve passed the pureed baby food stage, and if you’ve read my post, NutriBullet Baby and you’ve been giving your baby fresh fruits and veggies, you don’t want to stop now. You may want to stop making baby food, but still, give your little one those fresh fruits.

Well, now you can.

How do you know when your baby is ready for the next step?

Up until now, your baby’s only been drinking breast or bottled milk and eating puree.  Now it’s time to take it up a notch. But how do you know which foods are best to start with? You don’t.

The Introduction.

You now know what fruits your baby likes and what they are allergic to so start there. But if this is your first time introducing fruits, the only way to know what your baby can and can’t eat is to try them. One thing I learned when I was ready to introduce Jayden to fruits and vegetables is to introduce him to one at a time and let him have it for three days in a row. This way if he developed an allergic reaction to it I would know it was the fruit he recently tried. Once they are introduced to a fruit you can then move on to the next one, and by 6 months you can introduce the baby fruit feeder, the alternative teether.

The Start to Solids.

By 6 months your baby may be ready to move from pureed fruits and veggies to mashed fruits and veggies. When Jayden was about 8 months I wanted to start the transition for him to eat fruits and veggies that had bits and pieces in them. This was hard because he hadn’t even sprouted one tooth yet.

This is something I struggled with immensely. Fresh fruits are always better than the jarred stuff we buy at the store, and when he would see me eating some he always wanted to try it. One day I was introduced to a product that changed everything.

The fresh fruit feeder.

When I tell you Jayden loved this thing, I don’t think love is the word. Not only was he able to try more fruits and veggies, but the feeder tripled as a feeder, teether, and a rattle. It was heaven for my sweet baby.

With juices spewing from the sides of his mouth, slurping and biting, this little contraption served as a valuable tool to make some new fruit friends. By now I was able to cut pieces of mango, strawberry, and pineapple and he could chew down for as long as he liked or until he sucked all the juices out. This was the first time I introduced him to grapes also, and he was so excited, and fruits like pineapples, mangos, strawberries, apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, and pears are packed with essential nutrients that are beneficial for your baby and these are the perfect fruits that will fit in your baby’s feeder. Just chop and stuff and you’re ready to go.

The fruit feeder is an exceptional accessory for your baby.

If you haven’t heard of it before, and there are certain fruits you can’t give your baby unless they are pureed, this is the way to go. The first fruit I gave Jayden in his fruit feeder was pineapple. I was always scared to give him pineapple because it’s a very stringy fruit and not really easy for a baby to break down with their gums. He was so excited that he wanted seconds and thirds until he was full of pineapple juice.

The highlight of an accessory like this is when your baby uses it to gnaw, chew, suck, and so on, only small pieces of the fruit can fit through the tiny holes making it easy for your baby to digest the fruit. This highly reduces the risk of your baby choking on his or her food.

This is also a very good alternative to a teething toy.

It serves as a dual-purpose product between the fruit feeding and soothing on the gums as they bite down. The feeder is easy to clean. Just wash with soap and water as you would do any of your baby’s bottles and pacifiers, and for sterilization, I just include them in with his pacifiers.

The fruit feeder can be used as early as 6 months, but I wouldn’t recommend using them once your baby has teeth, there could be a hazard of biting off the plastic and choking. Some designs come with a mesh feeder but I always prefer the plastic one which I find easier to clean and sterilize.

Gedebey Baby Food Feeder

The feeder I chose was made by Gedebey and the details are outlined below. I received two feeders and one was a rattle which was double the fun for Jayden.

  • Made of high-quality food-grade silicone, BPA-free, BPS-free, LEAD-free, PVC-free, and PHTHALATES-free that ensures it’s 100% safe for your baby.
  • Eliminates the risk of choking by allowing only the smallest pieces to go through, allowing parents to slowly introduce solids to their baby.
  • stain-resistant, and easy to sterilize with just warm water and soap, and is dishwasher-safe DOUBLES AS A RATTLE — A rattle helps alert babies to noise and helps them develop fine motor skills, all while bringing a smile to their faces.


Yummy fun for your little one.

My baby loved his fruit feeder, and this is something your baby could find joy in also. It’s so easy for their little hands to hold onto, and they get such joy and independence of being able to feed themselves, it’s a win. They get to try new foods, and they get the comfort of a new kind of teether. I hope you decide to introduce this to your baby.

I want to hear from you.

If you have experience with your baby using the fruit feeder and you would like to share, or if you have questions, please feel free to comment below.


Thanks for reading my latest post.


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