Baby Boppy Pillow – This One Product Will Save Your Life!

Have you ever heard of the baby Boppy pillow? You will laugh if I told you that before I had my son I never heard of the Boppy pillow. If you have then you’re ahead of where I was at that point. When I brought my son home he bonded with me instantly, and it was almost inevitable that he would end up sleeping in my arms. He did not like laying flat.

Home Alone.

For the first few weeks that we were home I slept sitting up with a boppy pillow around my waist and my baby cuddled up on it fast asleep. That was the only way I could get some shut-eye. If I even dared lay him down in his bassinet he would wake up every ten to fifteen minutes.

I swore I would die from sleep deprivation.

During the days he was the same way. If I tried to breastfeed him, he would fall asleep on my chest. He loved his sleep, which is natural for a newborn baby. But as he started to grow he would spend more daytime hours awake, and this meant I needed to keep him entertained. Surely I didn’t want to hold him all day, and he wasn’t yet big enough for the Boppy pillow, so I went to the internet for some good old fashion research. That’s when I found the Boppy lounger. This was perfect for him. I ordered it, got it in two days, and we were in business.

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger

This little pillow was a lifesaver. Not only did he play in it, but he would also be fast asleep.

Now, I could move around more, sit and watch TV, get some pumping done, and I didn’t have to worry about Jayden because he was right next to me on his Boppy Lounger. This product is highly recommended, I don’t know what I would have done without it.

Remember I mentioned sleeping sitting up? Well, that was a thing of the past. Since Jayden didn’t want to sleep in his bassinet, we put his Boppy lounger right in the middle of us, and I was able to get some sleep in between feedings. I don’t think I ever really went into a deep sleep because I was up at the drop of a pin, but this was still a good time to at least rest my eyes.

The lounger has a recessed interior designed that cradles your baby’s bottom keeping your baby relaxed and secure. It has an easy-wipe fabric for the little messes and is machine washable for the big ones, and it has a convenient cloth handle for easy travel. It’s available for about 30$ which isn’t bad considering how much you’re going to love using it.

We used our Boppy lounger until Jayden was about six months. He loved napping on it, so as long as he was within hands reach, I let him snooze away.

I want to mention though, Boppy does not recommend the pillow or lounger for sleeping. Using and kind of pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals could result in suffocating if you are not careful.

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner

As the months passed, Jayden graduated to the Boppy Pillow. This one is good for growing babies and can be used at four different stages.

Stage 1 – 0 months+ Perfect for positioning your baby to breastfeed and bottle feed. 

Stage 2 – 3 months+ Propping your baby up so they can lounge comfortably. 

Stage 3 – 6 months+ Your baby’s tummy time. They will love moving those little legs.

Stage 4 – 9 months+ Helping your baby learn to sit up on their own. 

The Boppy pillow is a versatile use for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, propping, tummy time, and sitting. Its miracle middle stretch panel is designed to fit most waists. The Cotton removable slipcover zips on and off easily, and both the nursing pillow and pillow cover are machine washable.

It was perfect for helping him to sit up, and he could play with his toys. He never really liked tummy time so I didn’t force him to do it. I knew once he was ready he would crawl. But tummy time is an important step in your baby’s life so trying to do it as much as possible. The sooner you start the better. We did try, but I started him late and I hated to see him cry.

Another thing I loved about the pillow was the assortment of covers you could choose from. And seeing as how the pillow is washable it makes for longer life. I ordered two different covers for Jaydens pillow, just in case he spit-up. Once he outgrew it I was able to pass it down to my sister who had a girl, and we got her a cute pink and white mermaid cover.

You’ll Thank Me Later.

My experience with the Boppy products was exceptional. These pillows come highly recommended and could be just what your little one needs to get his or her first taste of freedom.

WARNING: Any pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals could be a suffocating hazard for your baby, so please use with caution. Boppy does not recommend the pillow or lounger for sleeping. This is based on my own personal experience with their products.

If you would like to share your experience with this product or have any questions, please comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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