Avent Pacifier: Is This The Best Choice For Your Baby?

When our babies are born they are bundled, diapered, fed, and given a pacifier. Even before we consent to it, the little soothing contraption is placed in their mouths. My advice: It’s the best pacifier your baby could have. The only downside: Don’t wait too long to take it away; that’s for any pacifier you choose.

Making the choice.

While you were pregnant did you ever say you weren’t going to give your baby a pacifier? I’m sure there are some moms who thought that would be the case. For me, I thought I would only give my baby a pacifier to soothe him to sleep. That is not the case. I absolutely swear by the Avent pacifier because if he didn’t have it I probably would have gone crazy already.

When your baby starts to understand what the pacifier is and what it does, there’s no taking it away without a full-blown tantrum. It’s not just a soothie anymore, it’s their friend. It comforts them when they’re down, helps them fall asleep, kisses them upon awakening, and is there just about every step of every milestone for the first year of their lives.

So when do they realize this? For Jayden, I think it was about a year old. When he learned how to look for it, ask for it, and cry for it, there was no hiding it. The key to sneaking it away lies along the lines of getting your baby to sleep through the night, which mine still isn’t doing. Without opening his eyes, Jayden knows how to reach for his pacifier to soothe him back to sleep. When he drinks his bottle he grabs for it and holds it in his tiny fingers until he’s finished.

When do you take it away?

How do you take away something that is so dear to their little hearts? This could be different for every mom. I can give a couple of tips though. It’s hard to not give in to your baby’s cries when you know exactly what they want. I suggest waiting until they reach two years old and can verbalize their feelings more. But it is suggested by others to take it away when your baby starts to grow teeth because they can bite pieces of it off and swallow it. I’ve never actually seen this in all the years I’ve been around babies, but it can happen.

TIP #1

Explaining to your child leading up to the event can prepare them for the separation. Set a date and stick to it and when the day comes show your baby how to throw the pacifier in the trash. This could go a long way because you are including them in the process and not just taking it away which could be traumatic.

TIP #2

Philips Avent Soothie Shapes Pacifier, Green/Blue, 3+ months

Take it away cold turkey, and never look back. I don’t recommend this, but it has worked for some moms. Just know that if you do this don’t introduce it back into their lives. You’ll later be faced with having to take it away again.

So when do you do this?

As I mentioned before, I think two is a good age, but as every baby is different you may choose to do it sooner or wait a little later.

One thing I do suggest is doing this before your baby goes to preschool. In this case, he or she could go to school and pick up someone else’s pacifier which you don’t want.

Now that it’s covered, let’s step back.

How do you know what pacifier to buy? This depends on how early you switch them from the hospital soothie. In my case, I didn’t try to switch Jayden until he was three months, and at that time he was so used to using Phillips Avent Soothie that he didn’t want any other one.

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier, Green, 0-3 Months

I love that he loves his soothie. It shows that his heart is growing and he has the ability to have a passion for something. So I nurture his pacifier addiction and continuously buy more when we can’t find any.

Pacifiers can become a pricey product when you’re constantly buying them. So I try to get them as cheap as possible, and as with any product, different stores will have different prices. It really depends on where you shop.

I try to keep four pacifiers in the house. It’s crazy how quickly Jayden can lose, or hide them all.

So now that you know a little more about pacifiers you can decide if it’s the right choice for your baby. It definitely worked for me. Just remember, if you go this route, always have backups handy. Make sure they are orthodontically correct and try to take them away in a timely manner.

Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifier – Pink & Purple 3+ months

Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifier – Pink & Purple 0-3 months

Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle Pacifier Holder with Detachable Pacifier, Elephant, 0m+

How do you feel about giving your baby a pacifier? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond.

Thanks for reading my latest post.

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